DATA SCIENCE The variable whose measurement is done in terms such as height and weight are classified as .a)continuous variableb)measuring variablec)discrete variabled)flowchart variable Qualitative data is also known as .a) Numerical datab) Categorical datac)Discrete datad) Continuous data Which of the following type of data do have a natural order?a)Ordinal datab)Nominal datac)Binary datad)Continuous data Discrete data … Read more

Digital Image Processing Multiple Choice Questions

Digital Image Processing Multiple choice Questions UNIT-1 : INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING 1.the amount of luminous flux falling on a given area of surface is called as ____________(a)Aperture(b)contrast(c)brightness(d)I luminance2.Digitization of spatial co-ordinates (x,y)is called (a)gray level quantization(b)finite sampling(c)image sampling(d)image quantization3.a 128X128 image with 64 gray levels requires ________bits of storage(a)4096(b)8192(c)12288(d)98304 4.a good image is difficulty … Read more

Digital Image Processing MCQ’s (DIP)

DIP Sample MCQs Questions the difference between the original image and the eroded is creates__________a. higher level gray levelsb low lever gray levelc. boundaryd. unfilled regions the theory of mathematical morphology is based on______________a. image sizeb. set theoryc. probabilityd. correlation thinning operation is used to remove the _________pixelsa. foregroundb. back groundc. objectd. image ____________is a … Read more

SEO- Zero-click data and Google’s Response

Zero-click data and Google’s response 1) Both my research with @SimilarWeb and Google’s blog post said the same thing—Google is sending out more traffic to websites than ever before. That’s good news for web creators of all kinds. 2) I agree that there are many reasons for zero-click searches. Some aren’t concerning at all. The … Read more

Google New Update for Student

Loved working on this launch. Would have loved it in my school days. Go to Google and type ‘Newtons law practice problems’ or just ‘Newtons law’ and see the practice problems tab OR any other concept on Search You will love it if you are a student and if you are not you can test … Read more