SEO- Zero-click data and Google’s Response

Zero-click data and Google’s response

1) Both my research with @SimilarWeb and Google’s blog post said the same thing—Google is sending out more traffic to websites than ever before. That’s good news for web creators of all kinds.

2) I agree that there are many reasons for zero-click searches. Some aren’t concerning at all. The most worrisome are those in spaces where Google’s used their search dominance to enter a new field (travel, video, local reviews, jobs, lyrics, finance, & too-many-more).

3) My motivation is to hold Google’s feet to the fire and bring attention to the risk of the search giant using their monopoly power in anti-competitive ways. Maybe today, you love Google because they send you loads of valuable traffic. But tomorrow…! Google could decide that your space looks tempting. They build their own product, put it above everything else in the SERPs, and you’re out luck. Just look at what happened to video hosts after Google made YouTube the only service that ranked. Or flights. Or lyrics.

4) Google’s retaliatory blog post was a signal that the conversation’s reached them. That’s great news. It means they’re worrying about zero-click searches. That’s what we should all want: for Google to consider whether their changes take traffic oppty away from others.

5) I know there are folks who think broad analyses like Two-Thirds of Google Searches Ended Without a Click shouldn’t be published. We can disagree, that’s OK. I’m glad this conversation’s reached Google. I’m glad it’s reached antitrust folks, too.

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